By installation of the winter cover, swimming pool will be protected during the winter time, and in the spring it will be needed significantly less time and energy to prepare swimming pool for the swimming season..

Every cover is custom made and it can be in any shape and any size.


Winter covers are ideal choice when you want to close it off the swimming pool at the end of the swimming season, for the winterizing of the swimming pool, also when the swimming pool won’t be used for some period of time.

Winter covers are specially made of the exceptionally durable fine polypropylene mesh. They are easy for handling, keep away debris, water can pass through the mesh (rainwater, melted snow and ice) and they are prevent sunlight getting to the water.


All covers are strenghtend on the surface by cross arranged straps which are made from the one continuous piece of strong fabric which make this cover stronger and more durable. Cover is tightly span above water surface, so it’s not collecting water but only debris and leafs. Debris and leafs don’t have any contact with water and they can be blown away by the wind. If there is a need to remove leafs, it can be done by using soft broom or leaf blower.


Strong straps are anchored to recessed brackets in a deck surface by stainless steel springs. When the winter cover is removed deck brackets can be screwed down to prevent any kind of injuries and accidents.

Covers are overlapping sides of the swimming pool by 30cm.


Less leafs and debris in the swimming pool means less consumption of the chemichals, because they won’t absorb chlorine from the water.
Less sunlight on the water surface means less consumption of the chlorine, because in that case chlorine will evaporate less.

Anyway, it’s important to know that dust and really small particles still can have contact with water, so this type of cover doesn’t mean hermetical closing of the swimming pool and disinfection of the swimming pool water is needed on the beginning of the swimming season.

It should be noted, that isn’t recommendable to clean cover with objects that have sharp edges otherwise cover can be damaged.

We are distributing green color winter covers, because they last longer and they are more resistant to UV rays.

  • prevent falling of the leafs, branches and debris into water
  • mesh allows rainwater to pass through into the swimming pool, while keeping debris away from the water
  • most of the collected debris will dry on the cover and can be easily blown away or swept away
  • prevent entering of the small animals like rats, frogs, ducks…
  • prevent passing of the sunlight to the water (shade level is up to 80%) and significantly lowering possibility of algae growth in the pool
  • lowering of the swimming pool maintenance costs
  • lowering consumption of the chemicals
  • lowering of the water evaporation for 70% on average
  • lowering time needed for filtration and extending life of the filter
  • lowering time needed for cleaning of the swimming pool
  • no maintenance of the swimming pool is needed in the off season
  • made from specially produced durable polypropylene
  • mesh covers have long life of 10 to 15 years
  • simple installation, opening and closing of the swimming pool, because they are light and have simple anchoring method
  • strong straps are additionally reinforced at the ends
  • springs are made from stainless steel
  • cover goes with practical bag for storage during the summer seasone