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Solar showers are a great addition to any pool and help keep the pool water clean because swimmers can wash away different impurities before entering the pool. After swimming, they are great for removing chlorine and other pool chemicals from the skin, swimming suit, and hair. They can be mounted on any surface, but also they can stand alone if they have their own base. They are easy to use and do not require any special installation. They can also be connected to a regular garden hose.


Heat pumps are very efficient devices for heating pool water. They absorb energy from the air and transfer heat to the water. The pumps operate at almost any temperature, and depending on the model, it can range from -7°C to 43°C. If the ambient air temperature is 25°C, the coefficient of performance (COP) will be 5-6, which means that every 1kW of electricity consumed by the pump will return 5-6 kW to the pool.

FAIRLAND - Comfortline Inverter

  • economical and environmentally friendly product
  • great energy savings
  • extremely quiet work
  • automatic defrost
  • soft start
  • operating temperature from 0℃ to 43℃
  • for swimming pools from 12m3 to 90m3
  • for indoor and outdoor use

FAIRLAND - Inverter Plus

  • super energy saving - eco-friendly product
  • super quiet work
  • remote control using an app on a smartphone (optional)
  • automatic defrost
  • soft start
  • operating temperature from -7℃ to 43℃
  • for swimming pools from 15m3 to 160m3
  • for indoor and outdoor use


Cleaning robots are the most suitable cleaning solution for the pool, as they reduce the time required for manual cleaning. All you have to do is plug the robot in, put it into the pool and turn it on. The robot will then move along the bottom of the pool, move along its walls (optional) and collect dirt into the cartridge. Using a robot can extend the life of the filtration system and save on the consumption of chemicals.

R3 / R5 / R7

  • cleaning - R3: floor / R5 and R7: floor, walls, and waterline
  • app remote control - R7 only
  • GYRO Technology - A smart navigation system for completely cleaning and avoiding all kinds of obstacles
  • pool size - R3: 50m2 / R5: 60m2 / R7: 80m2
  • cleaning time - R3: 1.5h / R5: 2h / R7: 1.5h / 2h / 2.5h
  • cable - R3 and R5: 16 m / R7: 18m - with protection from twisting
  • 3D ultra-fine filter, with easy access
  • transparent window for checking the level of dirt in the filter
  • extra powerful brushes for a thorough cleaning
  • PVA wheels for better grip for the surface
  • adjustable suction nozzles

H3 duo / H5 duo / H7 duo / H7 duo APP

  • leading models of the pool cleaning robots
  • by technology and design - top class for private pools
  • GYRO Technology - Smart Navigation System for full cleaning and avoidance of all obstacles
  • remote control with application - only H7 Duo APP
  • cleaning - H3: Floor / H5 and H7: Floor, walls and waterline
  • pool size: 100m2
  • cleaning time - H3 and H5: 1.5h / 2h / H7: 1.5h / 2h / 2.5h
  • cable: 18m
  • 3D ultra-fine filter, with easy access
  • LED indicator shows when the filter is full
  • extra-powerful brush for thorough cleaning
  • PVA wheels for better grip
  • adjustable suction nozzle pad


The filtration system does the biggest job of keeping the water clean, but pool chemistry is required to fine-tune the water quality. It is very important to maintain a chemical balance of water to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria, to prevent eye and skin irritation, to prevent damage to some parts of the pool, and to prevent water from being cloudy. We provide our clients with all the necessary pool chemistry and support.


  • adjusting the pH value is the first step to healthy pool water
  • the pH value between 7.2 and 7.8 is the basis for all other measures of water maintenance
  • the pH value can vary greatly if not maintained properly
  • high pH leading to eye and skin irritation, reducing the effect disinfectants and impedes the process of water purification by flocculation
  • low pH leads to irritation of eyes and skin, promotes rusting of metal parts in the pool and impairs the process of water purification by flocculation


  • chlorine is the most famous and most used agent for the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in water
  • is added to water in the form of calcium hypochlorite (solid-state) or sodium hypochlorite (liquid state)
  • in contact with water chlorine reacts and forms various compounds of which the most famous hypochlorous acid
  • hypochlorous acid destroys bacteria and other pathogens by attacking lipids in cell walls and internally destroying cell structure by oxidation


  • slow-dissolving tablets with a special formulation
  • containing chlorine
  • destroy bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms at the same time
  • clean the tiniest dirt through the flocculation process
  • act as an algicide - prevent algae development
  • keep the water crystal clear


The dosage and regulation of pool water maintenance products in the right amount, at the right time and without the risk of overdose, is possible, thanks to automatic devices. These devices ensure that in the pool water will always be the proper amount of products required to maintain the water.


  • saltwater electrolysis makes pool water safer and more comfortable, and its maintenance is simpler
  • producing pure chlorine in a natural way - separating sodium from chlorine from chlorine
  • to create chlorine, chlorinator requires a very small amount of dissolved salt in the water - about one teaspoon on 4.5 liters of water
  • created chlorine destroys all bacteria and algae and then reunites with sodium, resulting in salt re-formation
  • this process of electrolysis of saltwater is endless, and by this process water becomes soft, refreshing and brilliantly pure, giving a silky feeling to the skin
  • chlorinators are easy to install, economical and fully automatic
  • using chlorinators, eliminate the need to store chlorine chemicals and use them in water, thus avoiding skin irritation, as well as burning and redness in the eyes
  • the possibility of using the "super-chlorination" option, when chlorinator doing a water purification which has a high concentration of impurities - when water is blurred or even green


  • dosing pump with a digital interface
  • pH/Redox control
  • outstanding precision and reliability
  • programmable timer for regular dosing
  • adjustable dosing
  • for water flow from 0.4 to 110 l/h
  • temperature compensation
  • alarm, level control
  • uses electromagnet as a driving force


Water from the circulation pump goes to the filter where the impurity particles are removed from the water so that the cleansed water returns to the pool. This process is necessary to keep the pool water clean and it is very important for the filtration system to function flawlessly.
Sand filters are most commonly used as they are efficient, easy to use and easy to maintain.


  • sand filters do an essential part of the process of cleaning pool water
  • sand is a natural filter material
  • pressure measurement, manual air valve, and multi-position valve
  • maximum filtration speed 50m3/h/m22
  • maximum working pressure 2.5kg/cm2
  • the valve can be on the side or on top of the filter enabling the best use of space in the engine room
  • the filter body is made of immutable plastic - resistant to chemicals and weather changes
  • the filters can also use glass as a filter material


  • state-of-the-art engineering has been applied so that the pumps provide long life and trouble-free operation
  • robust design and easy handling
  • low noise
  • with a pre-filter preventing foreign bodies from entering which can damage hydraulic parts
  • meets the IP-55 water protection standard - can withstand high humidity that can occur at high temperatures
  • meets IE2's energy efficiency regulation class
  • from 1/2 hp to 3 hp